About Us

Beth and TimThis year, celebrating the 19th anniversary of our Bed & Breakfast, we are grateful to the wonderful guests who have made our Inn so popular by spreading the word to their friends, coworkers and families.

Honing our culinary arts skills in France, Spain, Portugal, as well as most of Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean, we promise to delight you with our amazing breakfast feasts. It was our intent to create a very upscale, but casual atmosphere where even the most “stressed out executive” or “frazzled parent” can actually “metamorphosize” in a matter of minutes. Get the feel of having traveled to a “far off island” even though you are only 25 minutes off shore.

We have an intense love of food of all kinds & preparation. Even more wonderful is watching our guests enjoy the beautiful breakfast courses or mellowing out in the afternoon on the verandas overlooking the peaceful waters. We believe that we have created a wonderfully pleasant environment which is full of our personal favorites accumulated in our many years of traveling many countries and sailing across several seas. We sincerely hope your come and enjoy our island and our Award Winning Inn.